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The kid just told me his Dad wants to do a cross country road trip this summer to see his Paternal Grandfather. Which I'm fine with, as I heard Ex-FiL is not doing to well health wise and it may be the last time he gets to see him.

And then goes on to say that his Dad wants him to start saving up his money because, a 14 1/2 year old, is expected to HELP PAY FOR GAS AND POSSIBLY HIS OWN FOOD.


Like what is he going to do if the kid has no money? Make him starve? Siphon gas from other cars? Yes I give him half of child tax credit** but that sure the hell is not enough to help fund a fucking trip from Ontario to British Columbia.

JFC, I almost started believing the man had a lick of common sense in him but holy God, I was wrong.

Also his  wife gifted the kid with a Fitbit for Easter. Kid like it and thinks its pretty cool because he's been wanting to keep track of his steps and activity. But me? Not impressed. They've made some comments to him about his weight** and activity levels since moving in with us and....I dunno, it bothers the hell out of me.

So yeah, Grump is still Grump. And as he approaches 40 he's getting worse.

Bug is going to meet with a Dr. next week who specializes in teen medicine and we're going to find out for sure if he has Anxiety. (One of his teachers said he hides it well from his friends and classmates, but she's picked up on a bunch of signs pointing to it.) Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if he does. Bug wants to be tested for ADHD because after a classmate gave a presentation on it during Health/Gym, Kiddo realized some of the signs mentioned apply to him, plus knowing his own Dad has ADD and even if he doesn't,he wants to be sure because he says feels that something in his brain isn't right (his words). I'm pretty proud of him for being that in tune with himself to notice. And noticing it before I did because I was so concerned with the possibility of him having an Anxiety disorder.

I really hope its nothing because I really don't want to deal with Grump about it since he refuses to acknowledge Bug has asthma. Despite the fact the pulmonologist that tested and diagnosed him also knew Grump's sister and was on the medical team that did her double lung transplant 10 years ago.

**When Bug moved in he was pretty skinny and soon found out that Grump was pretty strict on meal times,how much you could eat and how long you have to eat. When we first saw the Dr. to get a check up she thinks that while kiddo was eating pretty healthfully he just wasn't getting enough calories. So when he moved in with us and we're a bit looser with times and amounts his body went into "I gotta save every bit of this!" mode started gaining. Doc is not to concerned because he's still very healthy and its not an extreme amount of weight and thinks that once puberty goes into full swing he will drop the weight.
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