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Bug is so stressed out about his music class he's in tears over it. He has to do a 4 minute solo of Ode to Joy on the xylophone. And because damn thing is a concert sized one it cannot be taken home. Only practice he can get on it is twenty minutes once a week after school because every other time is the bands. He's asked if practicing on a smaller one at home (we can borrow one from the library) would help and no one, I mean no one is giving us an answer to that. Which is driving me up the wall because dammit we need an answer!

Not only that they said he either needs a accompanist, either its a friend who can play music (none of his friends do) or the adult musician the school hired (but we need to pay 50 bucks for) or a CD of Ode to Joy. But the CD must be that of a xylophone playing the tune.

The poor kid feels like everything is working against him right now, and he is TERRIFIED of failing. So cue me and Matt trying to look anything of a recording of Ode to Joy on YouTube that is the whole song and on that damned instrument. We know that the Parkdale library does instrument borrowing and you can have it for 3 weeks and I'm going to make my way down and get the damn thing so he can practice.

I feel so frustrated and upset that he's having such a hard time right now in Gr. 9. the poor kid can't get a break right now.
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