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 I'm seeing a lot of people on my FB having issues with their kid's teacher's lately and I'm in that pile too. Kiddo's music teacher is just realizing NOW that he may not be a good fit for Advanced Music despite me and kiddo telling her this SINCE THIS PAST OCT.

Seriously this woman has only talked to me once and that was to call me with her concern that Kiddo may have anxiety. Wasn't there for parent/teacher night (she was on leave for that month due to a death I think) Tried to call and set up a meeting. Nothing. We've been with Guidance and the VP/Principal for meetings set up with her and she's been a no-show every time. Oh wait there was a mass email about the solos saying they were not exams and music exam will be in June.

And then there is that whole music solo thing I mention in my last post. I found out at 4:30pm last Friday, a long weekend Friday, while getting ready to go home from work that this solo IS AN EXAM (Despite the email mentioned above) when she called me to yell at me why my kid wasn't in on Thurs. (he fell and hurt his on Weds. spent all day Thurs at the Dr.'s and xray clinic...was a sprain big toe and he's all good) and any missed exam needs a note to reschedule. And it needs to be in for 2nd period Tuesday.

I told her that I cannot guarantee that the note will be brought in by 2nd period but it will be brought in personally by me that day as quickly as possible due to the fact she CALLED ON LATE FRIDAY AFTERNOON OF A LONG WEEKEND so the earliest I can get it is on Tues, and what ever time the Dr can slip me in. No telling me to go to just any ol' walk in is not going to help because we can lose our Dr. if we use an office outside our healthcare network.


And poor kiddo is so stressed out that a simple problem with his phone reduced him to tears this evening. He's positive he's failed this class and will barely passed everything else (he's never failed anything in school and mentally its been hard on him this past year to present) and he's terrified of his father's reaction to this. Because any perceived fault or failure Grump sees? "Must come from your mother." (Lovely ain't it.)

I cannot wait until summer hits. Its when Kiddo will see the Dr. that specializes in teen mental health and medicine, we can start on the right path of getting him in a better place mentally and the new school year should (hopefully) be a better one.

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