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Fucking pissed at a "friend" on FB. She pretty much said that people like me don't deserve the $15/hr min wage hike. I called her out on it and she goes "Not you, just the ones who are shitty at their jobs." and gave an example how a Tim Horton's employee messed up her order. (She is a shitty customer and I've called her out several times about her behavior towards fast food workers) and then utters the words:

"Wage increases, even from the gov't should be based on performance not just for everyone." along with the whole fearmongering OMG everywhere is going to install self checkouts and inflation is going to skyrocket, jobs will be lost, etc. And she knows its going to happen because she runs a dept at her company and handles their finances (girl you work for the Wal-Mart of security guard firms and its

I went off on her. Like fuck me for wanting a decent wage and fuck everyone else who may not be able to work jobs that pay higher right? But she's run a dept and handled their finances so she knows how this works.

I'm being super petty and pissy about this but I hope the Ontario economy fucking booms from this so I can make her eat her fucking words.

(I really should just unfriend her but she rarely posts so I'm leaving it for now.)

Before I hit post edit: Wow some of her friends are none too pleased with her either.

But yeah Ontario is getting 15/hr min. wage!! Come Jan 2017 it will be 14 and then the year after that (hopefully because elections are coming soon) 15! When I saw that news alert I started to cry. You have no idea how much it will help us, and many others.

Date: 2017-06-01 08:37 am (UTC)
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WTH is wrong with people?!

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